DAV MX™ CircSub

The DAV MX™ is a multi-function, multi-cycle circulating sub that delivers significantly improved performance and is simple to use. 

Run in hundreds of wells every year and recognized for its reliability, resilience and versatility, the DAV MX is the ultimate downhole circulation tool.


Now celebrating more than 2,100 runs

Activated by our range of robust Smart Darts, the DAV MX is deployed by operators to improve performance across a wide range of applications, including: hole cleaning; displacements; curing losses; BOP Jetting; regaining circulation; self-filling, dry tripping and many others.


The Smart Choice

  • Versatile – our range of Smart Darts provides users with split flow, full-bypass and well control options for a countless number of applications
  • Reliable – unlike conventional balls, DAV MX Darts will not blow through on opening, therefore can be pumped at higher speeds
  • Simple – The tool is extremely user-friendly requiring no service hand and no need for configuration prior to use - simply drop the required dart to ‘plug and play’
  • Durable - The DAV MX is largely immune to variations in angle, temperature, pressure, mud type and weight, meaning it can be run in virtually any environment across a wide range of applications
  • Extending Capability - With unique features such as hold open, latch & seal and emergency shut off, the DAV MX provides users with more capability
  • Track Record - The speed and performance of the DAV MX has delivered thousands of hours of savings across the globe.

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  • DAV MX CircSub & Standard Diverter Dart