Stowaway Italian Gecko found at Churchill!

14th December 2018

One of our Technicians received a shock this week after discovering an Italian reptile in one of our workshops.

While servicing one of our DAV MX™ Circulation Subs, Declan Harkins noticed a ‘scurrying movement’ out of the corner of his eye. Investigating closer he discovered what he thought was a lizard. 

The 22 year old, who’s enjoying his third year at Churchill as a Technician, said: “It was about two inches big and I’ll confess to getting a bit of a shock when I first saw him.  Working in the Torry area of Aberdeen, we’re used to seagulls and I’ve even seen a fox, but you don’t expect to be sharing your working environment with a reptile!”

Declan and his colleagues christened the animal ‘Gordon’ and put it in a safe place before calling the Scottish SPCA, who confirmed it was an Italian Gecko.

The previous day Churchill Drilling Tools had taken delivery of a tool consignment from its Agent in Italy. It’s thought that the Gecko had somehow gained access to the container and stowed away for the 1400 mile journey by road.

Our CEO, Mike Churchill, added: “Our rental products are sent to and from operators across the globe, so it’s perhaps not so surprising to have the odd exotic visitor from time to time.”