Float and Fill Range

5th December 2017

We’re very pleased to have launched our Float and Fill Range.

Floats, as Non-Return Valves or NRV’s are commonly known, are often an important part of your well control strategy. However, running standard floats into hole is often slow and expensive because they prevent the pipe from self-filling.

In deep or long wells or on operations with frequent trips into hole, these top-filling costs can become significant. Simple, fast and reliable, Churchill’s ‘float and fill’ range enables you to select the most efficient solutions without compromising on safety or quality.

Recognised as leaders in this field, we have been responsible for delivering operator performance improvements for many years. The latest of these advances is the BAROMATIC™ trigger which extends our tried and tested technology to another level of performance and integrates it seamlessly into your operations.


Our Float and Fill Range includes:


Save up to 9 mins per 1000ft RIH with the TopJet™ and take advantage of a safer rig floor and reduced spill hazard.


DURA Drill Float™

Use the DURA Drill Float™ to deploy a contingency upper line of defence in the event of HyPR™ severance, primary float failure or any BHA leak-path and also benefit from a large thru bore and added flexibility.


Drop-in-Check Values / Dart Subs

You can trust in Churchill to assist with all your Float requirements. We will advise on specification and support the sourcing of Dart Subs that are fully compatible with Churchill and your drill string design.


Self-Filling Float™

Enable your string to self-fill and save up to 18 mins per 1000ft RIH. The Self-Filling Float™ can self-fill even after shallow-hole testing and is the perfect choice for Floated BHA’s in deep water, HPHT or deviated wells.


Self-Filling Float Trigger™

The simplest and fastest Float system available. A dart-less evolution of our Self-Filling Float™ technology and featuring our BAROMATIC™ trigger, you can benefit from a permanent thru-bore with maximum placement flexibility and reamer compatibility in addition to all the advantages of our Self-Filling Float™ technology.


Bespoke Product Development

Churchill can provide quality engineering services – delivered by our world class, experienced team. Many of our products have been development by working closely with operators to find new solutions.

We are keen to hear of your challenges and we can offer a fully outsourced product development capability including:

·       Consultancy

·       Research and development

·       Design

·       Prototyping

·       Simulation

·       Manufacturing

·       Testing

Get in touch with Churchill today to see how our Float and Fill service range can make the difference in your next well. Call your support team today or email us to arrange a technology presentation – we would love to hear from you.