Elevator Awards 2016 Winners!

6th July 2016

We are delighted to have won the Grampian Award for Innovation at the 2016 Elevator Awards.

The award was conferred on Churchill Drilling for our HyPR HoleSaver™ technology which is the world’s first hydraulic pipe and hole recovery system. The product offers a fast and dependable insurance option against stuck pipe situations, in turn enabling maximum recovery of hole and drill string.

Andy Churchill, Chairman and Technical Director said: “It is an honor for Churchill Drilling Tools to win in this category because it recognizes our team’s continued commitment to innovation and technical excellence - coinciding with a time where the industry is being urged to adopt new methods and support new technology.

“The HyPR HoleSaver™ reflects the demands of the industry for cost effective answers to the challenges it faces. The product and the award is further evidence of Churchill’s commitment to developing specialist tools and enhances our reputation as a technology leader in drilling, completions and abandonment tools.”