DAV MX™’s exceptional versatility steers drilling campaigns back on track

23rd April 2018

Churchill Drilling Tools, a leading oilfield service company specializing in drilling innovation, has revealed that its award-winning DAV MX™ CircSub was activated for a landmark 700th time this month.

Run in hundreds of wells every year and recognized for its reliability, resilience and versatility the dart activated DAV MX™ CircSub is a contingency tool that has helped operators drill faster and more efficiently at low risk. In February 2018, for example, the DAV MX™ was activated by operators across the globe, including in two separate Persian Gulf campaigns to get their drilling operations back on track following unplanned events.

In the first project, a plugged string led to a pressure spike and a halt to operations. By activating the DAV MX™’s emergency opening ball (EOB), the operator regained circulation in just an hour. The operator subsequently used the DAV MX™ to hole clean, then displace to a tripping mud prior to pulling out of hole.

Operators value the DAV MX™ given the contingency circulation path it provides, ideal for pack off or plugged string scenarios. On this occasion the operator saved significant time and cost and has gone on to deploy the DAV MX™ on other campaigns.

The DAV MX™ CircSub was deployed on a second Middle Eastern campaign when drilling was halted to combat total losses after the stability of the well was threatened. The operator activated the CircSub four times to pump lost circulation material (LCM) pills at depths of up to 10,000ft. It took less than 10 minutes for Churchill’s smart darts to activate the DAV MX™ allowing the drilling engineer to tackle losses quickly and recommence drilling, limiting non-productive time.

The DAV MX™’s unique lock open feature was enabled and its reliability and resilience ensured that the operator’s BHA was not contaminated.

Nicholas Kjaer, General Manager for Churchill’s Middle East operations, said: “Middle East operators demand tools that are reliable, resilient and flexible which are simple to use and cut operating time. They want a partner that can provide 24/7 specialist and operational support, delivered by an experienced quality team. That’s why our Middle East operations continues to grow and demand in particular for the DAV MX™ CircSub increases significantly.

“The two campaigns in the Persian Gulf are an excellent illustration of the flexibility and reliability of our flagship product. Operators take confidence knowing that with the DAV MX™ in their strings they can not only regain circulation or tackle losses but also optimize a range of other applications such as hole cleaning, self-filling or dry tripping.”

Churchill’s smart dart activated DAV MX™ is a multi-functioning, multi-cycling circulation sub that delivers significantly improved performance and is simple to use. Fast, versatile and reliable, it can be run in most environments and in a wide range of applications.

Nicholas Kjaer will be on hand to demonstrate Churchill’s range of innovative downhole solutions, including the DAV MX™ with its distributors, ENPRO, at the SPE Annual Technical Symposium in Dammam, Saudi Arabia April 23-26.