Churchill ‘Triggers’ dart-less activation

9th October 2017

Churchill has seen a growing demand for our technology with a record number of dart activations in August 2017. Operators are increasingly trusting Churchill’s darts to activate downhole devices, with the company announcing the launch of a dart-less version of its Self Filling Float™, the popular time-saving tool for running in hole in deep water drilling programmes. 

Responding to the industry’s demand to drill faster, more efficiently and at low risk, we have developed its dart-less ‘SFF Trigger’™.  The ‘Trigger’ version of its Self-Filling Float™ maintains the capability to run in hole quickly in a dormant mode, but with an added automatic activation system which is ‘triggered’ when the tool reaches pre-set depth and pressure.

This new automatic system provides operators with superior inter-operability with other tools in the drill string.  It is unaffected by shallow-hole testing and can also be positioned below any other tool that needs thru-bore access providing faster trip times and a unique level of flexibility and performance for deep water operations.

Representatives of Churchill Drilling Tools will launch the SFF Trigger at the ATCE 2017 in San Antonio from October 9-11.

CEO of Churchill Drilling Tools, Mike Churchill, said: “This new technology is a further step forward in down hole activation.  In developing this tool we have pushed the boundaries of innovation and provided operators with a new level of automation, speed and flexibility. 

“Our support team has decades of drilling experience and through close consultation with our operator partners we continue to deliver cutting edge engineering solutions, such as the SFF Trigger™, to the many complex challenges they encounter when on campaign.

“We’re looking forward to speaking to operators about the ‘Trigger’ and our other products at ATCE in San Antonio.”

We are also very pleased to report that across our tool portfolio we saw a record 41 dart deployments in August alone – with several multiple valve activations, in sequence, and in the same string.

Operators in August activated Churchill’s darts across the globe, from the North Sea to the Gulf of Mexico and the Middle East.  They were deployed in drilling and well abandonment operations and used to support activities including hole cleaning, LCM (lost circulation material) spotting, dry tripping and BOP (blow out preventer) jetting.

Mike Churchill continued: “41 dart deployments in a month is a record for the company and reflects an increased, global demand generally for all of our products.

“In Developing the ‘Trigger’ we’ve advanced our activation technology, however, darts still have a hugely exciting future. They deliver significantly improved performance over conventional ball activated devices. From high angle wells, to HPHT conditions and ERD, dart activated tools will continue to offer operators greater multi-cycle flexibility in their drilling programmes.

“I’m proud that our high performing products and the talent, commitment and expertise of our experienced support team, who are on stand-by 24/7, are improving drilling programmes across the globe.”

Senior representatives from Churchill Drilling Tools are  available on its stand (2377) at ATCE 2017, which is held at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio, Texas, from 9-11 October.