Self-Filling Float

Providing double float protection and eliminating the need for top-filling, running the Self-Filling Float operators can achieve significant time savings and improve safety.

  • Float Activation Dart landed

Save up to 18 minutes per 1,000 feet run in hole

The Self-Filling Float is a range of premium floats that enable operators to accelerate trip times by self-filling and eliminating time consuming top-filling.

Available in flapper or poppet format these high-quality floats can be used as primary floats to be activated after running into hole or back-ups to primary systems. They deliver savings of up to 18 minutes per 1,000 feet run in hole, by accelerating trip speeds or even eliminating the need for some trips altogether.

The Smart Choice

  • Faster Trip Times - the Self-Filling Float allows the string to self-fill while running in hole saving up to 18 minutes per 1,000 feet
  • Simple to use – dart activated – no additional equipment or personnel required.
  • Cleaner and safer rig floor – spray and spillage from top-filling eliminated
  • Compatible with Shallow Hole Testing
  • Through Bore access prior to activation
  • Surge-relief - formation damage induced by surge pressures can be avoided
  • Double Float protection

Click here to view the Float Activation Dart

When Self-filling is not an option, consider running the TopJet, which can save up to 10 minutes per 1,000 feet run in hole.

  • Learn more by watching our Self-Filling Float Animation