HyPR HoleSaver™

The unique HyPR HoleSaver™, the world’s first hydraulic pipe recovery system, enables operators to sever their drill-string in just a few hours and recover quickly and safely from stuck pipe incidents.   


  • HyPR™ dart landed

  • HyPR™ dart landed - full sub design

Faster, Simpler, Safer Pipe Recovery

With no moving parts, the contingency HyPR HoleSaver lies dormant in the string.  The tool is activated by pumping one of our robust HyPR™ Smart Darts, which redirects the flow of mud creating a high velocity stream of fluid to erode and sever the string in just a few hours.

The tool, run above our DAV MX™ CircSub, gives operators a low cost and rapid solution for many stuck pipe situations. 

The Smart Choice

  • Fast – Once the decision has been made to sever a stuck string, the HyPR can be activated quickly. One Middle East operator severed its string in just one-hour
  • Simple – User operated, no specialist additional equipment or personnel required. Operators can even run multiple HyPRs in their string
  • Safe – Eliminates the need for chemicals or explosives
  • Quick recovery - Get back on track almost immediately either by fishing or cementing and sidetracking
  • Cost Effective - Avoid days or weeks of delay mobilising additional personnel and equipment, saving $millions in operating costs

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  • HyPR™ HoleSaver™ - The World's First Hydraulic Pipe Recovery System

  • HyPR™ HoleSaver™ Live Rig Demonstration