Drift Catcher™

The Drift Catcher is a high quality downhole pipe drift verification tool.  It provides operators with rapid results and eliminates the need for risky and time-consuming drifting in the derrick or using ad-hoc in-hole wire tail drifting methods.

Faster, Simpler, Safer Drifting

Operators simply pump the drift and within a few minutes the pressure rise confirms the pipe has been drifted. 

Recognising its impact, the SPE published a paper around the safety benefits of down-hole drifting. Ask our team to find out more.


The Smart Choice

  • Save time - achieve drift confirmation in minutes
  • Safe - eliminate the threat of dropped objects when drifting from the derrick
  • Accurate – Works every time and is signifcantly more effective than using traditional drifting methods
  • Track Record - more than 2,100 runs globally

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  • Learn more by watching our Drift Catcher animation