Self-Filling Float Trigger™

The Self-Filling Float (SFF) Trigger is the simplest and fastest float system available for tripping into hole. 

It provides all the benefits of the original SFF including time savings of up to 18 minutes per 1,000 feet.  However, with automatic depth-arming and pump-triggering, the SFF Trigger increases capability and simplicity even further. 


The Simplest and Fastest Float System on the Market

Operators start saving time as soon as they start running into hole as the SFF Trigger allows the pipe to self-fill.   Operators can also Shallow Hole Test without activating the floats, thereby allowing self-filling savings to continue.

According to the mud weight it is pre-set to arm, using our unique Baromatic™ technology, at a depth to suit the well.  The deeper the well, the greater the savings.  Being fully automated operators can place the tool almost anywhere in the string for ultimate placement compatibility.

Even after arming the self-filling and high tripping speeds continue.   Simply pump post-arming to activate double float protection – and operators still benefit from permanent access to the BHA, allowing pumped activators to reach lower placed tools, a feature unique to the SFF Trigger.


The Smart Choice

  • Saves up to 18 minutes per 1,000 feet run in hole
  • Compatible with Shallow Hole Testing
  • Self-fills even when the tool is armed
  • Arming is simple, automatic and fast
  • Provides permanent access to the BHA
  • Provides double float protection
  • Cleaner and safer rig floor – spray and spillage from top-filling eliminated

When Self-filling is not an option, consider running the TopJet, which can save up to 10 minutes per 1,000 feet run in hole.

  • Learn more about the SFF Trigger by watching our animation