Mud-Shear Sub

Especially effective during milling operations, the Mud-Shear Sub is a simple solution that requires no topside equipment and delivers significant time savings when mud conditioning irrespective of flow rate or fluid type.


  • MSS full sub design

  • MSS design

Save an average of 1 hour for every 1,000bbls of mud sheared

Using our Mud-Shear Sub operators save an average of 1 hour for every 1,000bbls of mud sheared.  In one particular application it was shown to save 12 hours of rig time.

With the milling assembly run in up to the penultimate stand, the Mud-Shear Sub is installed just below the rotary table. By pumping through the sub, operators are achieving faster shearing rates; this is often done in conjunction with an open DAV MX CircSub™ above the mill.


The Smart Choice

  • Save time and Cost – The Mud-Shear Sub offers a better alternative to configuring topside equipment or the time lost waiting for the milling string to shear the mud unassisted
  • Simple and quick to install and remove as the small sub requires no additional equipment
  • Easily configurable to suit any flow rate and viscosity
  • Multiple choke and nozzle size options