• Drift Catcher

    The Drift Catcher is a “fit-for purpose” downhole pipe drift verification tool which eliminates the need for risky and time-consuming drifting in the derrick or ad-hoc in-hole wire tail drifting methods. Simply... Read more

  • HyPR™ HoleSaver™

    The HyPR™ HoleSaver™ is the world’s first hydraulic pipe recovery system. Using ordinary drilling mud for circulation and pumped through a highly powerful HyPR™ jetting dart, full strength subs are... Read more

  • Mud-Shear Sub

    The Mud-Shear Sub enables substantial time savings on mud conditioning prior to commencing milling operations. With the milling assembly run in up to the penultimate stand, the Mud-Shear Sub is installed just below rotary... Read more

  • Pressure Test Sub (PTS) MX™

    The Pressure Test Sub is a simple yet accurate way to perform multiple pressure tests on the string with the capability to regain full circulation after each test. Pressure thresholds are easy to configure on the rig and... Read more