• DICV

    The premium designed Churchill DICV provides you with the ultimate contingency. It’s built from the highest quality components and fully serviced by our experienced technicians every time, so you have the peace of... Read more

  • DURA Drill Float™

    The Double Upper Reserve Activating (DURA™) Float gives operators superior well control on a number of contingency applications. With the DURA Drill Float™, the operator has a dormant large bore float (3.23”)... Read more

  • Self-Filling Float™

    The Self-Filling Float™ is a range of premium floats that remain dormant until activated. They have a unique ability to remain dormant indefinitely whilst other operations are performed. Available in flapper... Read more

  • SFF Trigger™

    The SFF Trigger™ is a dart-less evolution of the Self-Filling Float™ and features Churchill's incredibly simple BAROMATIC™ trigger technology.  It's a low risk, simple tool that provides you with all... Read more

  • TopJet™

    The TopJet™ is an increasingly popular solution, used on a number of rigs to speed up Run in Hole (RIH) with closed-end assemblies.  The top filling coupling is quick to install, injects fluid more rapidly and... Read more