• DAV MX™ - Alternative Diverter Dart

    Shorter than the Standard Diverter Dart, this dart allows the valve to close with the pumps off, closing off the annulus. Although it makes the valve do more work, it may be preferred in certain situations to keep the annulus... Read more

  • DAV MX™ - Split Flow Dart

    The best method for DAV MX™ hole cleaning, by delivering some flow to the bit also in a hold-open mode. This BHA flow gives cooling for rotation friction in the BHA as the string which is useful for better agitation... Read more

  • DAV MX™ - Standard Diverter Dart

    The standard method for DAV MX™ bypass, delivering 100% BHA bypass with in a hold-open mode. The default dart to use unless looking specifically for split flow or full pressure relief. Rapid 100% bypass Selection... Read more

  • DAV MX™ - Universal Closing Dart

    Whichever opening dart is used the Universal Closing Dart will shear it out to close the DAV, with both darts landing in the catcher below. It operates with full bore sealing above the opening dart to provide maximum load... Read more