Social Responsibility

Churchill Drilling Tools has an enduring and continuing commitment to community and social responsibility in every area of our business. We endeavour to maintain high standards of practice in all areas of our operations, with an emphasis on continuous improvement and the acquisition of internationally recognised performance standards.

Overall responsibility for community relations and our obligation to socially and legally acceptable business practices lies with our CEO and Commercial Director, Mike Churchill. He has a personal mandate to ensure that Churchill Drilling Tools utilises its resources for the betterment of the wider community. All employees at Churchill Drilling Tools also recognise their own individual commitments to social and community responsibility and the company actively seeks to support our staff development in this area. 

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy outlines our dedication to a principled, robust and substantive operating environment and sets parameters of behaviour expected from all of our staff and suppliers. 

With respect to business ethics – Churchill Drilling Tools will always conduct ourselves with integrity, honesty and probity. We will always treat others how we would wish to be treated ourselves. The company is proud to sponsor a number of local charities and events and are always willing to consider a request for support.