• DAV MX™ - Alternative Diverter Dart

    Shorter than the Standard Diverter Dart, this dart allows the valve to close with the pumps off, closing off the annulus. Although it makes the valve do more work, it may be preferred in certain situations to keep the annulus... Read more

  • DAV MX™ - Emergency Shut-Off Dart

    Not only does the DAV MX™ push the operating envelope further and have the best reliability in class, it also provides a totally unique back-up closing system. Should the valve become damaged by any unexpected events,... Read more

  • DAV MX™ - Split Flow Dart

    The best method for DAV MX™ hole cleaning, by delivering some flow to the bit also in a hold-open mode. This BHA flow gives cooling for rotation friction in the BHA as the string which is useful for better agitation... Read more

  • DAV MX™ - Standard Diverter Dart

    The standard method for DAV MX™ bypass, delivering 100% BHA bypass with in a hold-open mode. The default dart to use unless looking specifically for split flow or full pressure relief. Rapid 100% bypass Selection... Read more

  • DAV MX™ - Ultra Series

    The Ultra Series Dart is capable of high speed activation, allowing it to be pumped in at up to 400gpm  which is ideal for ERD (Extended Reach Drilling).  It also has a low shear out pressure (600PSI) which makes... Read more

  • DAV MX™ - Universal Closing Dart

    Whichever opening dart is used the Universal Closing Dart will shear it out to close the DAV, with both darts landing in the catcher below. It operates with full bore sealing above the opening dart to provide maximum load... Read more

  • DAV MX™ CircSub

    The DAV MX™ is a multi-function, multi-cycling circulating sub which is activated with our patented MX™ Smart Dart technology. The system raises the bar on performance and reliability without adding... Read more

  • DICV Max™

    The DICV Max™ provides you with a high quality contingency string barrier. The DICV Max™ range has the largest through bore options in the industry and is available in any drill string connection. When... Read more

  • Drift Catcher

    The Drift Catcher is a “fit-for purpose” downhole pipe drift verification tool which eliminates the need for risky and time-consuming drifting in the derrick or ad-hoc in-hole wire tail drifting methods. Simply... Read more

  • Drift Catcher™ - Choked Drift

    Used in hundreds of wells, this drift is perfectly designed to reduce dropped object risk and give a confirmed and accurate drifting process. The unique design with a pressure confirmation ensures a good drift has landed... Read more

  • Drift Catcher™ - Volumetric Drift

    Allows the drifting process to simultaneously gage the pipe volume. In certain string/liner volume ratios there may be a high risk of over displacement especially if non-bumping plugs are run. The volumetric drift simulates... Read more

  • DURA Drill Float™

    The Double Upper Reserve Activating (DURA™) Float gives operators superior well control on a number of contingency applications. With the DURA Drill Float™, the operator has a dormant large bore float (3.23”)... Read more

  • HyPR™ - Cementing Dart

    When time is at a premium the cementing dart will give immediate side-tracking in a stuck pipe situation. After it has cut the string free the dart will remain in the fish. With the upper string now free and clear, cementing... Read more

  • HyPR™ - Fishing Dart

    When attempting to fish the BHA is preferred, this dart leaves a clear unrestricted access to the fish after it has cut the string free. An interference added to its tail means that as the cut pipe is withdrawn it collects... Read more

  • HyPR™ HoleSaver™

    The HyPR™ HoleSaver™ is the world’s first hydraulic pipe recovery system. Using ordinary drilling mud for circulation and pumped through a highly powerful HyPR™ jetting dart, full strength subs are... Read more

  • Mud-Shear Sub

    The Mud-Shear Sub enables substantial time savings on mud conditioning prior to commencing milling operations. With the milling assembly run in up to the penultimate stand, the Mud-Shear Sub is installed just below rotary... Read more

  • Pressure Test Sub (PTS) MX™

    The Pressure Test Sub is a simple yet accurate way to perform multiple pressure tests on the string with the capability to regain full circulation after each test. Pressure thresholds are easy to configure on the rig and... Read more

  • Pressure Test Sub - Pressure Test Dart

    With a simple landing sub and catcher installed in the string Pressure Test Darts can be dropped in to pressure up the string above and test its integrity. At a pre-determined pressure the dart will shear out and fall into... Read more

  • Self-Filling Float - Float Activation Dart

    The smallest and simplest dart in the range, ergonomically designed to pass through all of the upper string and drop into the dormant float sub and shear it into activation.    Universal for poppet and flapper... Read more

  • Self-Filling Float™

    The Self-Filling Float™ is a range of premium floats that remain dormant until activated. They have a unique ability to remain dormant indefinitely whilst other operations are performed. Available in flapper... Read more

  • SFF Trigger™

    The SFF Trigger™ is a dart-less evolution of the Self-Filling Float™ and features Churchill's incredibly simple BAROMATIC™ trigger technology.  It's a low risk, simple tool that provides you with all... Read more